Dramatic meeting

Nearly 60 years ago, on Friday, 30 May 1958, the Andover Advertiser reported the following:


As proof of the interest on the proposed formation of a dramatic society over 40 people attended an inaugural meeting in the Church Hall. Mr. Alliston, speaking from the chair, welcomed such an enthusiastic gathering and introduced Mr. Smith and Mr. Cordery of Basingstoke Evening Institute who were very helpful in giving advice, opinions, and answering the many and varied questions.

After a lengthy discussion it was resolved to form a Dramatic Society. A committee was elected with power to formulate a set of rules and to fix a subscription. The committee is: Mrs R. Payne, Miss Milne, Messrs. Booth, Bradbury, Butcher and Pascoe.

The appointment of a secretary and a treasurer were not filled, But Mr. O. K. Mann and Mrs. Pascoe agrees to carry out these duties respectively for the time being.

At the close of the meeting 27 application forms for membership had been completed and returned to the acting secretary.

WADS, however, did not stage its first public production until the spring of 1959, when it performed Jean McConnell’s Haul for the Shore at the Parish Hall, which was to be the company’s home until the early years of this millennium.

We celebrated our half-century in 2008 - have a look at the WADS timeline on this website, where there are details of every production we've ever done.

The cast of Haul for the Shore, WADS' first ever production, in 1959 - the year after the society was formed