Beyond the Fridge

Friends of WADS, join us for supper and an evening of short plays and sketches on Saturday 28th March in the Parish Hall. Our show is called Beyond the Fridge – the WADS revue, and is our big fundraising event of the year.

We are not fundraising to buy a new refrigerator for WADS – we are looking beyond the fridge, to raising money to cover our rent for the Parish Hall.

We aren’t looking to raise Smegabucks; this isn’t going to be a Miele ticket; we don’t want to be richer than the AGA khan; we aren’t aiming to be Frigidaires; we’re not aspiring to a life of Electroluxury. Nor are we making an Indesit proposal; we don’t want Candy and we don’t want our feet to leave the Grundig. There’d be no Logik in that. No, let’s not beat about the Bush. We just want to make sure we can continue to rehearse and perform under the lights at the Parish Hall. Bish, bash, Bosch. Neff said.

Otherwise we might have to do it by the light of our old refrigerator instead. In which case, we’ll be changing our name to the Whitchurch Fridge Lights.

Join us for Beyond the Fridge – the WADS revue01256 8 at 7:30 on Saturday 28th March at Whitchurch Parish Hall. Tickets for supper and the show cost £12.50 and are available by calling 01256 892514 or emailing There will be a cash bar. Beyond the Fridge will be cool. But not that cool. (Not even Kitchen Aid, let alone Live Aid.)

Why not join WADS?

Following Beyond the Fridge, we have a tentative plan for some street/pub theatre, and we are encouraging people write their own short plays or some of the scripts we already have.

We are always on the lookout for people to get involved - actors, directors, sound and lighting people, make-up people, set builders, wardrobe, front-of-house, etc. etc. All are welcome. Our club night is every Tuesday at Whitchurch Parish Hall from 8pm. Just turn up,  contact WADS at, or telephone 01256 89251. You can also follow WADS on Facebook and Twitter (@WADSweb).

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The photograph above of the cast of Julius Caesar appears by kind permission of Andy Stott, a local photographer and member of  WADS whose work can be viewed on his website,