Dances and Songs - the new Vincent Lindsey-Clark CD

Internationally-renowned classical guitarist and composer, Vincent Lindsey-Clark has just released a CD, called Dances and Songs of him playing his own compositions. Vincent, who studied at The Royal college of Music, performs regularly at the Wigmore Hall, is a member of the Segovia Guitar Trio and The Modern Guitar Trio, and has given numerous international recitals including in Italy, Israel, Holland, South America, Hong Kong and Australia. He’s also performed regularly on stage at The Royal Opera House Covent Garden for The Royal Ballet and his compositions for students have been used by all examination boards continuously for the last 30 years. Vincent’s compositions for professionals have been performed all over the world by players such as Graig Ogden, Berta Rojas, Amanda Cook, David Russell and many others. He also teaches at Eton College, London's Centre for Young Musicians and The University of Southampton and has performed on BBC Radio 2, 3 and 4, Classic FM, BBC 2 TV and Local UK TV and his compositions have been used in TV and film worldwide.

has been lucky enough to have had a piece composed for it specially by Vincent – for its all-female adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar in 2006, the first time WADS ever performed Shakespeare. To buy a copy of Dances and Songs, follow this link. To listen to Vincent playing La Danza Golapa, which appears on the CD, click here.

The Hypochondriack by Molière 

Thank you to three consecutive nights' wonderful audiences. We really enjoyed ourselves and from your responses it sounded like you did too.

A not very independent review

When you go to see 350 year-old comedy, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the jokes might have dated. Well, that’s simply not the case with Molière’s The Hypochondriack, which remains hilarious, especially when it’s given the treatment WADS gave it last night. I think it was the best first night of a WADS production that I’ve seen, partly due to the quality of the writing, partly to the quality of the interpretation and partly to the quality of the acting, but also in no small part to a very responsive and quite large audience, who clearly thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

 It’s a very funny script in its own right and WADS have added some great touches of their own, from Elliot Burns’ Tim-not-so-nice-but-even-dimmer character and some banter with the audience, to Paul Nethercott’s crazy steampunk medical equipment and some entertaining singing, masterminded by the show’s musical director, Peter Niblett. The costumes are great, too.

 But what really impressed me was the quality of the acting right across the, er, boards. There isn’t one standout performance simply because they are all excellent, and not just when they are speaking but also when they’re listening. There’s a lot going on that’s unspoken – movements, facial expressions, and so on – which all adds to the drama. There’s very little scenery and it doesn’t change, but there’s so much going on and so much to look at you wouldn’t notice. I know I'm not an entirely unbiased and independent critic, but it was rather good.

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